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20p Roulette at Lucky Clover Spins

Roulette is a game that has offered thrills and excitement for many years - and you can play it here for just 20p per spin on this unique version from the studios of Inspires. 20p Roulette is a classy and sleek version of everyone’s favourite casino classic that is suitable for all.

How To Play 20p Roulette 

Even if you are someone that has never played a game of roulette before, it is very simple to learn the rules and start playing the game. As with most roulette games, there are several different bet types to choose from. This could be trying to pick the exact number the ball will land on or putting your money on an outside bet that covers a wider range of numbers.

You simply need to choose your stake amount between the minimum and maximum amount of 10,000 credits. If your luck is in and you pick the right number, then you could potentially win up to 100,000 credits! 

So, take your seat at the roulette table, hold your breath and enjoy that incredible feeling of suspense and anticipation as you watch the wheel spin and wait for the ball to land.

20p Roulette Online Game Details

What makes this so attractive to Lucky Clover Spins players is that this is a version of the popular game that any type of player can try out and enjoy. It has a very user-friendly game set-up and there is a very flexible approach to your bets - allowing you to stake anywhere between 1 credit up to 10,000 credits.

The game is smooth, crisp and clean, giving you the real feel of leaning over a proper roulette table in the swankiest casino as you get ready to decide where you want to place your chips. You simply have to decide where you think the roulette ball is going to land and then wait it out for the ball to find its final resting place.

20p Roulette Online Game Information

Let’s look at the main pieces of information about the game that you need to know before you get started:

Game Symbols

Despite being an online game, the table has been set up in the exact same way as it would be in a professional land-based casino, allowing you to see the following elements:

The Wheel

It is the eye-catching roulette wheel that is the dominating feature of your screen. The wheel is based on the European Roulette layout, which means that it just has the single zero coloured green. Then there are the red and black numbers running through from 1 up to 36.

On the betting table you have a number of options. You can choose to bet on the single numbers in a straight up bet. You might also choose to bet on either red or black, odds or evens, dozens, 1 to 18 or 19-36 and each one of these betting options is clearly marked on the game’s standard betting table.

You can also access Neighbour bets via the button with this label. This simply allows you to bet on the numbers on either side of the number that you chose, giving you a total of five numbers. 

At the top of the screen, you will find the numbers that have landed on the last few spins so you can use this to help you make your choice and spot patterns.


Game Features

Fortunately, the 20p Roulette gameplay is very easy. You simply choose your stake and place it on your chosen bet, which can be as risky as you want. As soon as you have confirmed that your bet is ready, the wheel comes into view. It will then start spinning and the ball will start whirling around the outside before it drops into one of the numbers. You will always be able to see your bets at the side of your screen even when the spin is in action.

If you manage to guess the number or colour correctly then the winnings are paid into your account automatically.

Should you want to play the game again then you have different options: clear all bets, clear last bet or repeat bet.

The 20p Roulette Payouts

How much you win on a spin all depends on the bet that you made. You will be shown the potential payout for your bet alongside the size of your wager at the bottom of your screen as soon as you place your chips down on the table. These are the most common bet types along with their potential payouts:

  • Straight-Up bet on one single number: Payout 35/1
  • Split Bet covering 2 numbers: Payout 17/1
  • Corner Bet covering 4 numbers: Payout 8/1
  • Columns and Dozens Outside Bets: Payout 2/1
  • Red/Black, Odd/Even, 1-18/19-36: Payout 1/1

Game Volatility

As with all games of roulette, the volatility of the game very much depends on what type of bet you choose to make. In 20p Roulette, as with all other types, outside bets are low volatility bets as you have a pretty decent chance of winning - almost 50%. However, because of this, there is a pretty low payout for winning.

The inside bets - where you wager money on a single number or a small selection of numbers is a lot more volatile. You have a lot less chance of correctly predicting this, but can expect a much higher reward if you do so. 

20p Roulette Online Bet Types

You can play the same standard bets on 20p Roulette as you can on standard European Roulette games. You can decide whether to put your chip on a single number, you can put it between two numbers or in the corner of four numbers. You can put multiple chips down covering several numbers on the inside of the table.

For something a little safer for the more risk-averse players, you can simply make a 50/50 choice of red and black, odds or evens or 1-18 and 19-36. Get this right and you can double your money.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing 20p Roulette

One of the advantages is that this is a very quick and easy version of roulette to play. Even if you have never played roulette before you can enjoy it every bit as much as the roulette expert. Our 20p Roulette game offers you an interesting, quick and simple take on a fun casino classic.

In terms of disadvantages, there aren’t many to speak of. The graphics can be considered pretty basic compared to other online casino games, but its appeal is in its fast gameplay. It is also the perfect choice for players looking to bet pretty small stakes but still wanting all the fun of a real money online roulette game. It allows you to enjoy playing roulette in a way that suits you the most.

20p Online Roulette FAQs

What is the Best Bet in 20p Roulette?

This is purely a game of luck, so there is obviously no way to predict what number is going to come up next. However, most roulette players will either have their own lucky numbers or go into the game with a strategy that works for them. Obviously, the best bet is the one that suits your strategy - a high-risk or low-risk bet.

What Colours are Used in 20p Roulette?

The colours used on 20p roulette are the same as with the standard roulette games. The numbers 1 to 36 are in red or black pockets, whilst the 0 is in a green pocket. It is played on a standard European roulette wheel with a standard green betting table.

Can I Play 20p Roulette Online for Real Money?

Yes, you can. Here at Lucky Clover Spins, you can play 20p Roulette to win real money. Because the stakes can be relatively low, this is an excellent choice for anyone looking to play real money roulette for the very first time. However, you should only ever play with money that you can afford to lose and never chase losses.

Can I Play 20p Roulette on Mobile?

Yes, this is an excellent game to play on mobile. It has a clear and simple presentation which means it works perfectly on mobile, no matter what your device. You can enjoy the exact same quality gameplay when you open up and play 20p Roulette on the Lucky Clover Spins mobile website.

Is 20p Rouette safe to Play Online?

Absolutely. As long as choose a safe and reliable online casino such as Lucky Clover Spins, you can have a safe and enjoyable roulette experience. This game is provided by a top game developer so you can rest assured that it is safe and fair and has been  tested by third parties for truly random results

Is There a Best Strategy For 20p Roulette?

As will all roulette games, there are all sorts of different strategies you can try out. Popular strategies include progressive systems such as Fibonacci, Martingale and Reverse Martingale - or even the 007 James Bond Strategy. Alternatively, you can play in whatever random way suits you the most!

What is the Volatility of 20p Roulette Online?

The game volatility depends on the type of bet you choose to make. The more numbers you cover with one bet, the lower volatility it is and the lower the payout. If you choose to make a straight-up bet on a single number bet, then you have the highest volatility bet with the chance of the highest possible payout. You can play the game with whatever risk suits you the most!

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