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Play Online Scratchcards at Lucky Clover Spins

Are you looking for instant win games? Do you want to try out a quick game for a quick win? Well, if so, you should try out our online scratchcards. These work just like standard scratchcards but they are done online. You just need to match symbols to win.

There are all different themes and types of scratchcards games - all with different prizes. Some will offer you the chance to win once for your stake, while others might offer up to 5 games on one card.

Scratchcard Prizes Available

Generally, scratchcard prizes are normally cash prizes and there are all different game themes to choose from. Some might be instant win versions of popular slot games and casino games. This type of online scratchcard is styled in the same way as the game, it will feature the same graphics and characters as these games. It will basically be the instant win version of a popular slot game. If you haven’t tried the slot game, then why not give that a go too? Double the fun!

The cash prizes on offer when playing instant win games depend on the game. It varies from scratchcard to scratchcard. You can, however, normally play from as little as 20p. There are also online scratch cards that offer jackpot prizes for matching the special symbols - giving you the opportunity to win huge cash prizes! Do you feel lucky? If so, try out the instant win scratchcards here at Lucky Clover Spins!

Online Scratchcards

When heading over to a casino, the most popular type of game is the online slot game. Some people like bingo games - others look for table games. However, another fabulous addition to the world of online casinos that can be overlooked are those scratchcard games and instant win games. These are based around those classic paper scratchcard games - such as the National Lottery scratchcards you get from your local newsagent - and they work in the exact same way. Scratch, match and get lucky! We have plenty on offer here at Lucky Clover Spins.

What Are Online Scratchcard Games?

In their traditional form, scratchcards have been around for a long time - and their popularity never declines. One of the reasons for this is because of their simplicity. This is why they became player favourites as soon as they were introduced. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that they, like other gambling games, have migrated to the online gaming world.

There is no complex logic to follow when playing scratchcards. These simply come with instant wins - and sometimes huge cash prizes! At Lucky Clover Spins, you will have access to a great selection of online scratch card games, which allows you to choose your theme, choose your setup - and play for the potential wins that you are seeking out.

How To Play Online Scratchcards

There are lots of different online scratchcard games available to play. However, they mostly play in the same way and have the same set up. Just as with the physical version, an online scratchcard, you need to reveal the feature panels. If you match a certain number of symbols then this is how you win the prize. It’s very simple - if you know how a scratchcard from the National Lottery works, you'll figure this out quickly. Match symbols to win a prize. So, take a look at some of our top scratchcards and get scratching!

A Diverse and Thrilling Selection of Scratchcard Games

So, here at Lucky Clover Spins, what scratchcard games do we have on offer? Well, we have all different types - classics such as 777 Scratch, Gold Rush Scratch and Lucky Scratch. However, there are so many more available - of all different genres. Some of our most popular games include Break the Ice Scratch, Chaos Crew Scratch, Cut the Grass Scratch, Double Salary - 1 Year Scratch, Eggstra Cash Scratch etc. There is also the fun and exciting TV themed scratch Stargate Scratch. So, whether you are looking for Scratchy Big or Scratchy Mini, Raiding the Piggy Bank Scratch or simply just a Happy Scratch - we have just what you are looking for here at Lucky Clover Spins.

Scratch Your Cards Here at Lucky Clover Spins

So, why should you choose to play scratch cards here at Lucky Clover Spins? Well, first of all, they are easy to play, fun - and can be extremely lucrative. You simply need to scratch, match - and win! They work exactly the same way as the old paper scratchcards. Moreover, our excellent selection of games and themes should certainly be enough to keep most scratch players happy.

Simply, have a look through our selection of games, choose the one that looks best for you and give it a go. Who knows - you may have stumbled across your new Lucky Clover Spins favourite game. We are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, so you can rest assured your experience will be safe and secure.

There’s Always Something New to Enjoy

Although scratchcards may have been around for a very long time, the ones you come across in the shop never really change. But, here at Lucky Clover Spins, we are always adding new and fun games to the scratchcard menu. We know how much players love scratch card games and that is why we always endeavour to stay at the forefront of the instant win market by regularly updating and adding new scratchcards games to our catalogue. So, if you are looking to try something new, then take a look at our selection - keep on scratching and keep on matching!


Online Scratchcards v Paper Scratchcards

Online scratchcards are very similar to paper scratchcards, but they have extra benefits! For example, in order to get a traditional scratchcard, you need to head out to the newsagent. However, scratchcards are available to play as long as your phone is on hand. If you win with a traditional scratchcard, you need to go out and collect your winnings. However, if you win with an online scratchcard then you will get your winnings instantly.

When you play online instant win scratchcards, you can also find different prices to suit your budget - anywhere between 10p up to £10!

The main difference between paper and online scratchcards is basically the mechanics of how it works.  With a paper scratchcard, you need to physically scratch it. However, online scratchcards use Random Number Generators (RNG) to reveal your card’s combination of symbols.

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The Odds of Winning on a Scratchcard

Just as with other casino games, the probability of winning a scratchcard is purely chance. Ultimately, there is no skill involved and there is no skill you can learn to increase your chance of taking home a scratchcard prize.

Like online slot games, all instant win and scratchcard games will have an indicated RTP - Return to Player percentage. This is the value that will indicate what return you can expect to get. So, for example, if you play a scratchcard with an RTP of 96%, then on average a player should get a return of 96p for every £1 they spend.

However, this is not an exact science - and it doesn’t mean that you will get 96p back for every £1. The RTP is calculated over a longer period of time… so it’s more likely to work out at £960 for every £1000 spent. When you choose your scratchcards, take a look at the RTP to get an idea.

Check out Lucky Clover Spin’s online scratchcard games to find all about the games available - and their projected Return to Player values.

Get Playing

Online scratchcards are super easy to pick up and play. However, they work differently depending on whether you buy your card on desktop or mobile. If you play it on desktop, then you can click your mouse or touchpad on the different sections of the card and make gestures to physically scratch off the panels.

On a mobile device, you will need to use your finger to reveal the numbers or symbols. They also usually have a reveal button as well, which will reveal all the symbols at once and reveal your results instantly.

The rules of each online scratchcard game will be slightly different. Some will have cash ladder features, others will have different types of innovative features to make them stand out, However, they all work on the same premise. To win, you have to have a certain number of matching symbols or numbers according to the rules of the game - all determined by RNG.

Make sure you check out the rules of each scratchcard before you play, to see exactly what you need to do and look for before you start playing!

Instant Win Games

An Instant win game, as the name suggests, is a game that gives players the opportunity to win instant cash prizes. They are usually very easy to play and can be played very quickly. Instant win games are lots of fun, quick and perfect if you are looking for an immediate result.

How To Know Whether You Have Won on a Scratchcard

Normally, when you win playing an online scratchcard, the screen will light up and it will display your winnings. If you happen to miss this notification then you will still be able to see your balance with the winnings added in.

Fancy trying your luck? Simply register here at Lucky Clover Spins today and get scratching and winning straight away. It couldn’t be easier. Remember - have fun and play responsibly!